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All About BSE and NSE

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BSE  – Bombay Stock Exchange

Bombay stock exchange in line with the national stock exchange is the two reputed stock exchanges of the country. When it comes to BSE it happens to one among the largest stock exchanges in the world and this is by sheer transaction volume. It has a nationwide presence and is present in 417 towns along with cities of India. The process along with the systems of the exchange is designed in such a manner to ensure transparency in terms of operations along with market integrity.

It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the country and is named as BSE. It happens to be one of the first of its kind in obtaining government recognition in the year 1956, and earlier it was a group of persons, but in the present day context it is a corporate entity formed under the company’s act of 1956. It went on to receive the certificate of incorporation on 5th August 2005 and commenced business on 12th August. The BSE stock exchange is also known as BSE 30 worldwide. As far as the management of the exchange is concerned it is done in a professional manner with the help of a board of directors. Cashing in on the technological boom, this exchange has gone on to launch internet trading system. Some of the major functions of this agency are as follows

  • To develop, promote and maintain a transparent market for dealing in securities.
  • To ensure that the interest of the public and the members are protected when they enter into any form of dealings
  • To establish standard protocols in terms of transparent dealings.


NSE – National Stock Exchange

When the term national stock exchange comes to your mind, first and foremost it happens to be the common heard stock exchange in the country. But you would need to understand the reason behind it. It is an all India level stock exchange that was set up in November 1992. It also offers you online trading system at an international level. Some of the major functions of this exchange are as follows

  • First and foremost it does provide you with a nationwide coverage. With the help of NSEI dealer you can enter into any form of dealings
  • In terms of dealings, full transparency is ensured on all counts. As an investor you can go on to check the price at exactly which the dealing took place.
  • The index of the NSE also goes by the name of Broader 50 share that is Nifty
  • It offers the much needed flexibility as the investors can trade from their own space which could be a home or office with the help of network with direct satellite link up
  • It happens to be the first of its stock exchange in the world that relies on the use of communication technology for trading securities. Full computerized a ring less system and above all hassle free on all counts
  • The formation of such a type of stock exchange happens to the first step in upgrading the trading facilities for the investors and to bring the financial markets of the country in line with the international markets
  • It happens to be a company that has been promoted by some big commercial banks along with their subsidiaries. The names are SBI, LIC etc to name a few.