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Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts about stock market:

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Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts about stock market:

There are some facts which happened with the stock market of which some are directly related to market and some of them just give some impact on the market. But they are really mind blowing, surprising facts about the Stock exchange.  Please go through the some of the famous facts one by one which really draws some lines in your mind. Like-

Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts :

  1. Domino’s Pizza just changes their recipe to attract own customer to increase the business, his stock increases by 233% within a year after changing in the recipe?
  2.  BSE of India having largest no of companies listed in exchange i.e. about 5689 company, where in NSE India also having 1750+ companies listed on
  3. Ronald Wayne sharer or co-founder, in Apple with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has sold on share in 1976 for $800, would be worth of $35 billion today. What was the day for Ronald?
  4. The electronic trade association in 1999 estimated that 4000 to 5000 people traded full time through Intraday trading, the brokerages and accounted for nearly 15% of NASDAQ daily volume. Which become true nowadays after that?
  5. If we take data of Six months we will get that 8 traders out of 10 lose the money in day trading, because their profit is not sufficient to cover the transaction costs.
  6. Nick Leeson was a trader, hired by Barrings He lost $1 Billion of bank money in a day, the banks have no reserved money against this, and Leeson has to go jail. Now a day he is the renowned speaker of the financial market.
  7. A very small company, Balchem Corp (BCPC) given returned 107,099% since 1985.
  8. Google wants to sell our company in 1999 for just of $1 million, and today this company is running over 4500 Billion. What do you say?
  9. Bill Gates told to his Harvard University professor that he will be a millionaire by the age of 30; He becomes Billionaires on the age of 31.
  10. A trading firm as per own requirement spent $300 Million, to digging a tunnel through the Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania to save 3 milliseconds to connect with New York server, What a Mind blowing fact?

    Bull Statue at BSE
    If you visit at BSE at Mumbai there is a bull statue at gate no two of the building, the superstition about this bull is that, if the gate no 2 is open than the market must be crashed. There are some cases behind this thinking that when this second gate open really the markets crash, why? Having no answer but having the cause why people think so as follows-

    • In 1992 when the door was first to open the Harshad Mehta scam occurred after that.
    • When US President Mr. Clinton visit, Indian stock market in 2001 the door was open, and the major crash is seen in the market.
    • To maintain the statue in 2008 the door was again open, once the market gets crashed suddenly.

      Is this all 100% superstitious thinking or else or just an incident anyway but this fact is really mind blowing.

There is a long list of such facts related to stock market from all over the worlds, which are believable or some are not but truth with investigating by experts. There are the moments which never be forgotten by the world market, they reminded with time to time with some similar incident occurred may be good or bad whatever.