Top 5 Companies – You can safely invest your money

Top 5 Companies – You can safely invest your money
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Few Top notch brands on which you can safely invest your money

If you already have your brokerage account open and waiting for start investing, then it is the right time to begin with it. You should think about all the positives and negatives before you invest your money in the stock market. Because the uncertainty is the key to the Indian share or stocks market.

Here, my dear friend, you will learn about few of the top notch Indian brands on which you can rely, that you are not going to lose your money.

First of all, if you are not having the brokerage account, then brokerage account is just like a trading account in which you can deposit money to your broker for investments. Having a trusted and reliable broker is must to earn benefits in Indian stock market.

There can never be most valuable brands because in stock market, as you never know what may become valuable and what may not.

So, here we will discuss about few top notch Indian brands in which you can safely invest your money. These are the brands on which you can safely invest your hard earned money.

  1. Avenue Supermarts Ltd.

It is one of the top brand in which you can rely with your big investments. The market capital of this company is 568.67B. And, the net profit it earns is approximately 174.78. The company is doing this great in its field because of its qualified management staff members.

  1. Piramal Enterprises Ltd

It is a leading pharmaceutical and health care sector company which has a market capital of 509.24B. The company started long back in 1947 and the investments it is making from then are remarkable. With the growing number of years the net profit of the company is also growing.

  1. Interglobe Aviation Ltd

This Indian brand is a leader in aviation, hospitality and travel related service. The services provided by them are one of the best when compared to other companies of their sector. The market capital of this company is 457.14B. It is operating since 1989 and doing wonders by earning large net profits.

  1. Motherson Sumi Systems Limited

This company has a diversified industrial portfolio, as it deals with so many important sectors and is doing great in almost all. It is basically a flagship company which was founded in year 1986. The market capital of this brand is 683.89B. They are known for catering their diverse customers’ needs at their best.

  1. AU Small Finance Bank Ltd

This brand is a financial bank which is one of the finest banks you can trust when it comes to investment in share or stocks market. The market capital of this bank is 167.24B. The headquarters of this bank is there in India only and it has an existing relationship with AU. The profit this bank is earning from a decade is exponential, so it is one of the most reliable brand on which you can invest your money.

These were some of the top companies which have good growth rates in past few years, so you can consider these brands if you are looking for safe investments.