Top 10 companies to invest in 2017

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Top 10 companies to invest in 2017

The most difficult that investors need to make is to decide in which companies stocks they should invest in. And, this is the decision on which the whole foundation of them getting benefited is laid upon, so it needs to be a well-thought decision.

The Indian stock market is thousands and thousands of stocks in which you can invest, but you should only invest in a business you know about. Because you can take well-informed measures and can earn huge benefits from the shares you have bought.

To help you buy the best stocks available in the market, we will let you know about the top 10 companies to invest in 2017.

Top 1st – SBI (State Bank of India)

You should prefer to invest in SBI for strong and long term earnings. The bank has made the first move in the Indian history to cut the interest rate on the saving accounts which have less than 1 crore in them. So, by making this move the bank is at the position to earn more when compared to other banks in country.

Top 2nd – HDFC Bank

The bank has put its peer competitors like ICICI and Axis down by making smart moves in the past year. So, if you want to stay safe of uncertainty, then this is the smart choice.

Top 3rd – Reliance

Reliance Industries Ltd. Is the most promising company which will definitely give you a return of higher than you expect in the coming years. The market is continuously growing and it is expected to grow exponentially in the future.

Top 4th – PNB (Panjab National Bank)

PNB provides safe investment options to its investor, that’s what makes it the most preferred company by the investors.

Top 5th – ICICI Bank

It is the most attractive investment offer as by investing under the sections 80C and 80D, investor can save tax up to a great extent.

Top 6th – Canara Bank

This leading nationalized bank operating in India has the good value of its share, so investing in this company can do wonders for you.

Top 7th – Bank of Baroda

You should invest in this bank because it holds adequate provisioning coverage. And, the gradual earnings of this bank are improving. So, investing in this company might yield you good returns.

Top 8th – Axis Bank

It is a third largest private bank of our country and according to experts the basic structure of investment is positive and may climb up with time.

Top 9th – Bank of India

It is expected that this company will outperform the market in the upcoming years and give good returns to the investors.

Top 10th – Union Bank

The bank has gain an exponential increase in the price of its shares over the course of years, so it tempts to be a good company to invest in.

So, if you are an investor then you must look into the above mentioned companies for investing your money. And, once you start investing then you should regularly measure the performance of the company you have chosen.